With her experience in women’s wear design, Kangana Trehan brings the vision of the modern woman to her clothing- bold, free-spirited and versatile. Having gained recognition through several showcases at fashion weeks across the country, the brand has become a favourite with the woman of today, becoming an answer to all her needs of evening dressing. With a bit of fun and an edge of sophistication, the clothing hits a sweet spot of luxurious detailing, impeccable fabrics and exceptional detailing. The silhouettes are every bit contemporary and bold, speaking of an understated opulence through fit and form.

Our true north point is always leaning back to detail-oriented hand embroidery that is deeply inspired by the vibrant cities Kangana has set foot into. In fact, most of these cities have an eclectic nightlife that has inspired her collections and designs. The approach has always been more qualitative rather than quantitative; you’ll never see beyond 2 collections a year, each with the thought of marrying into someone’s existing wardrobe.